Citizen science website concept using the Watson Tone Analyzer service

IEEE/IBM Watson 2015 Student Showcase

The MiFace citizen science concept website, built using IBM’s Bluemix cloud hosting and the Watson Tone Analyzer service, won a top 5 award in the IEEE/IBM Watson cognitive computing challenge for students. Thanks go to the work of Hansi Mou on the database, and Stephanie Michalowicz for collaborating on data analysis.


Expressions of Emotion Study

Online Observer Judgement Study Based on Research done by Dr. Harriet Oster This is an interactive expression recognition study I developed  for my Lab in Human Cognition and Advanced Interactive Design classes, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Data gathering for the original study is complete, but the study is still up if you want to try[…]


Brain Bats

An Interactive, Mind-Controlled Game of Pong Brain Bats uses wireless electroencephalographic headsets to control the output of an Arduino microcontroller. Data from the headsets is processed and visualized on the computer using customized Python code. That data is then used to power the Brain Bats game, which lights LEDs on a custom-built board through a sketch running in the[…]