Brain Bats

An Interactive, Mind-Controlled Game of Pong Brain Bats uses wireless electroencephalographic headsets to control the output of an Arduino microcontroller. Data from the headsets is processed and visualized on the computer using customized Python code. That data is then used to power the Brain Bats game, which lights LEDs on a custom-built board through a sketch running in the[…]


Assistant Work for Interactive Media Artist Adrianne Wortzel

From Adrianne’s Bio: ADRIANNE WORTZEL creates unique and innovative interactive web works, robotic and telerobotic installations, performance productions, videos and writings. These works explore historical and cultural perspectives by coupling fact and fiction via use of new technologies in both physical and virtual networked environments. She collaborates with research scientists working in the fields of robotics[…]



Collaborative Media at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center A group headed by new media artist Andrew Demirjian conceptualized and constructed this sound and video installation over the course of 6 weeks at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. It was programmed using Max by Cycling ’74. Our inspiration came from the experience of being inside an elevator:[…]