Citizen science website concept using the Watson Tone Analyzer service

IEEE/IBM Watson 2015 Student Showcase

The MiFace citizen science concept website, built using IBM’s Bluemix cloud hosting and the Watson Tone Analyzer service, won a top 5 award in the IEEE/IBM Watson cognitive computing challenge for students. Thanks go to the work of Hansi Mou on the database, and Stephanie Michalowicz for collaborating on data analysis.



The work I did as an undergraduate with Dr. Harriet Oster — a former Ph.D. student advised by Paul Ekman — and at VicarVision during the summer of 2013 has evolved into MiFace, a tool for generating recognizable facial expressions using a 3D model. Still in the research stage, my cohort Stephanie Michalowicz and I are hoping to use[…]


Automated facial coding: Validation of basic emotions and FACS AUs in FaceReader

During the summer internship I did at VicarVision in Amsterdam in 2013, I worked with Peter Lewinski on a validation study of the company’s FaceReader software. This publication documents our results. ARTICLE in JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE PSYCHOLOGY AND ECONOMICS 7(4):227-236 · NOVEMBER 2014 with 24 READS DOI: 10.1037/npe0000028  

Demoing at Girls CS Conference

New York City Girls Computer Science and Engineering Conference Fall 2014

NYU’s WinC & Princeton’s GWISE + Google Every fall NYU hosts high school girls from around New York City to take part in talks about education and careers in computer science. This year I got to present one of the ‘cool talks in CS,’ presenting my research into using 3D models to generate recognizable human[…]