Action Unit-driven Avatar

Facial Expression Recognition-driven Avatar

This presentation reviews the work done for my summer 2013 internship at VicarVision, working with their FaceReader automated expression recognition software. A 3D model generated using faceshift was modified and scripted in Maya to conform to the standard Action Units used in coding facial expressions is driven by the data output by FaceReader.


NYU Senior Project

A 3D Model of Infant Facial Expressions Senior project for BA in Applied General Studies My B.A. degree required a capstone project or internship. I decided to work on a project that applied design and programming to the infant facial expression fieldwork studies I had been pursuing since 2011. It centers on the development of a three-dimensional[…]


Expressions of Emotion Study

Online Observer Judgement Study Based on Research done by Dr. Harriet Oster This is an interactive expression recognition study I developed  for my Lab in Human Cognition and Advanced Interactive Design classes, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Data gathering for the original study is complete, but the study is still up if you want to try[…]


Anatomy of Infant Expressions

Baby Facial Action Coding System Based on Paul Ekman’s FACS System As part of my work in Dr. Harriet Oster‘s psychology lab at New York University SCPS McGhee, I’ve been developing a series of images detailing the facial muscles involved in generating prototypical expressions for the Baby FACS manual. The illustration shown here is one of[…]