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I have a philosophy I’ve been calling Open Human. One of the concepts I feel most strongly about is integrating crowdsourced bases for tracking disease, treatment outcomes, and quality of care into mainstream medicine. 11/25/2015 : I’m not keeping up, it seems. Open Humans is on it!

Noldus Trip

Trip to Noldus HQ

Noldus, distributing partner of my internship host VicarVision, organized a meeting to review features, hear use case reports, and discuss future development for users and potential users of FaceReader at their offices in Wageningen today. I got to go down and tour their UX lab and view some of the latest software releases, such as[…]

Biophysical sensor construction for Heidi Boisvert's '[radical] signs of life' project.

Biophysical Sensor Construction

Sensors that Detect Muscle Vibrations I recently got to help out Rensselaer Ph.D candidate Heidi Boisvert with the construction of some sensors for a collaborative performance piece. The work collects mechanomyographic signals from the muscle vibrations of dancers using a small condenser microphone and transforms them into sound and visuals for the audience. Sensor design[…]


Brain Bats

An Interactive, Mind-Controlled Game of Pong Brain Bats uses wireless electroencephalographic headsets to control the output of an Arduino microcontroller. Data from the headsets is processed and visualized on the computer using customized Python code. That data is then used to power the Brain Bats game, which lights LEDs on a custom-built board through a sketch running in the[…]