The work I did as an undergraduate with Dr. Harriet Oster — a former Ph.D. student advised by Paul Ekman — and at VicarVision during the summer of 2013 has evolved into MiFace, a tool for generating recognizable facial expressions using a 3D model. Still in the research stage, my cohort Stephanie Michalowicz and I are hoping to use[…]

Action Unit-driven Avatar

Facial Expression Recognition-driven Avatar

This presentation reviews the work done for my summer 2013 internship at VicarVision, working with their FaceReader automated expression recognition software. A 3D model generated using faceshift was modified and scripted in Maya to conform to the standard Action Units used in coding facial expressions is driven by the data output by FaceReader.


Gentle Boost

Implementation of the Gentle Boost Algorithm for Computer Vision A basic demonstration of applying statistical analysis to the classification of objects in computer vision. My writeup with figures: buttonpress   The Matlab code: %% Simple demo of Gentle Boost with stumps and 2D data % % Implementation of gentleBoost. The algorithm is described in: % Friedman,[…]