Internship for Andrew Demirjian

Assisting with Scenes from Last Week

Installed during Andrew‘s time at Eyebeam

“In a city constantly moving forward and erasing its relationship with the past, Scenes from Last Week: W. 14th St. seeks to re-insert the past into the present. The work is a public art installation that uses video surveillance cameras and monitors in two storefronts directly across the street from each other on 218 and 225 14th st. Moniotrs facing the street show the current view the and the view from seven the previous days synchronized to the current moment, giving the passerby the chance to see the  recent history of where they are standing. The work creates a perceptual trip wire into the past, intended to reawaken our senses to the randomness and ritual in our daily environment.”

During the summer of 2011 I got to assist Andrew with the installation and maintenance of an installation done in two shop front windows on 14th Street. I also edited the video documentation of the project; below is the rough cut I completed before Andrew did the final voiceover.


sflw Doc from Crystal Butler on Vimeo.

Sherry Aliberti Cocoon Performance

Sherry Aliberti and crew doing their cocoon street performance.